Monday, February 18, 2013

Because It Is My Blood by Gabrielle Zevin

Because It Is My Blood is the second novel in Gabrielle Zevin’s futuristic Birthright series following All These Things I’ve Done. Zevin continues the story of Anya Balanchine, who is a part of the Balanchine crime family. The Balanchines have made their money selling their own brand of chocolate, which is illegal in the late twenty-first century America Zevin sets the book in. Along with the crime family drama, Anya’s relationship with on again, off again boyfriend Win— whose father is running for district attorney—continues and leads to many complications for her. Among these are Win’s father getting her sent back to a juvenile detention center on trumped up charges in order to help his campaign. Her brief imprisonment leads her to break out, with quite a lot of assistance, and end up on a cacao farm in Mexico.

Because It Is My Blood was not quite as strong as the first book in the series, mainly because the plot meanders somewhat when Anya is hiding in Mexico. However, the ending was very strong and Zevin has set up what should be an exciting final book in the series.


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charmaine smith said...

If you loved the first book, I'm positive you will love the second. It is full of character development and action scenes (and even a scene where someone's hand is cut off!) but beware! MAJOR cliffhanger alert! Only another year to wait for the next one...

charmaine of Kansas Pheasant Hunting