Monday, September 7, 2015

Black Dove White Raven by Elizabeth Wein

Emilia and Teodros are essentially brother and sister, even though he's black, she's white and they have different biological parents. There mothers are flying partners (and best friends) in the 1930s when Delia, Teo's mother, is killed during a freak accident. Rohda, Emilia's mother, decides to fullfill a dream of Delia's (for her son to be raised in a place where he isn't looked down upon) and moves the family to Ethiopia, which is the only African country to never have been colonized. However, 1930s Ethiopia is on the brink of war with Ethiopia and not only is Teodros a half Ethiopian of military age, but he discovers unfortunate information about his family's past.

Black Dove White Raven doesn't have the same spark as Wein's other two works (Code Name Verity and Rose Under Fire), but it's still an interesting story taking place in the midst of serious precursor to World War II that is generally overlooked.


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