Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Racing fans will like this one!

Saturday Night Dirt
by Will Weaver

Have you ever driven by a small race track out in the country and wondered what goes on there? From the racers to the track owner to the mechanics, Will Weaver’s Saturday Night Dirt gives one day in the life of a small race track struggling to stay in business and the drivers hoping to find racing sponsors or simply keep their cars in one piece.

Mel, Melody Walters, runs Headwaters Speedway with her dad, Johnny Walters. The track hasn’t been doing well but on this particular Saturday Mel decides to call around to try to convince drivers who have seen their races at other tracks rained out to come to Headwaters. It’s a gamble as she can’t be sure it won’t rain at her track and the drivers who have come from miles away to race won’t be disappointed.

Trace Bonham can’t seem to get along with his mechanic, Larry. Trace’s father is a successful farmer with lots of money to spend on his car. He wants Trace to be a successful driver, but he can’t seem to get his car to perform as well as his father thinks it should. Is Larry tinkering with the car in order to slow him down or is Trace just not the best driver for his Street Stock Chevy?
Beau Kim is hoping he can keep his car, most of which he has stuck together from parts found in junk yards, together through the night’s race. He knows he probably shouldn’t race with the sketchy state of his car’s roll cage, but he can’t resist the urge to get his car on the track.

Packed full of realistic details on the cars and the races, Saturday Night Dirt crams all this action into one day that could launch the careers of the drivers and get Headwaters Speedway out of the red or end in huge wrecks and lackluster finishes for the drivers and a rainout that could bring an end to Headwaters Speedway.


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