Monday, September 13, 2010

Mockingjay the third Hunger Games book by Collins

This is a must have book this fall. The long-awaited end of the Hunger Games Trilogy will not disappoint teens! Whether you are cheering for Peeta or Gayle, you will be satisfied with Katniss' final choice.

Suzanne Collins addresses the proliferation of nuclear arms in Mockingjay giving teen readers an opportunity to develop their own opinions about the cost to our global society. Wouldn't a prequel be interesting to see how the Dark Days produced the dreaded Hunger Games?

The only negative comment I have is that the ending was told to us rather than showing us as it unfolded for Katniss, but it was very satisfying none-the-less.

Let us know what you thought about Mockingjay or any of the Hunger Games!

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