Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exit Strategy by Ryan Potter

Seventeen year old Zach Ramsey has a plan to escape Blaine, Michigan, the factory town where he has spent his whole life. He hopes to attend college after his senior year, but his summer activities end up getting him very far off track. Among other bad decisions, Zach takes money from his boss at the liquor store to spy on his best friend Tank’s dad, develops an uncontrollable crush on Tank’s sister, figures out a way to steal liquor from the store and sell it to his underage friends, and decides to start an investigation into a local steroid ring that Tank and Blaine’s much heralded football coach just might be a part of. Exit Strategy is a harsh, edgy novel filled with risky and questionable behavior, but the book is also filled with darkly comic, suspenseful scenes. Zach might not learn typical lessons by novel’s end, but he survives his summer of poor thinking and lives to tell about it.

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