Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maze Runner & Scorch Trials book discussion

We'll be having a book discussion on The Maze Runner & The Scorch Trials on April 14 at 7pm.  We'll speculate about what's going to happen to Thomas and the rest of the Gladers in the last book of the Maze Runner Trilogy, The Death Cure, which does not come out until October!

If you cannot wait until October for your next Maze Runner fix, try your hand at Maze Running with this game from author James Dashner's website.


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Sverige said...

The Maze Runner is a sci-fi/dystopian novel at its best. It starts off with Thomas, a boy of about 16, waking up in a metal box with a bunch of teen boys, some older, some younger, staring at him. Thomas comes to learn that he has arrived in the Glade and he is now part of a small, self-contained community of boys. Each boy has his own job and title and for the past two years, the boys have been working to solve the puzzle of the Maze.