Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Water Wars and The Carbon Diaries

In The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher, fifteen year-old Vera and her older brother Will live in the Republic of Illinowa in what used to be the Midwestern United States.  After an environmental catastrophe damages the earth's fresh water supply, drinkable water is distilled from the ocean and water is tightly rationed and very expensive.  Life is difficult for the pair until Vera befriends Kai, who seems to have limitless access to fresh water. Kai is a water-diviner. He can tell where fresh water exists under the earth’s surface. When Kai suddenly disappears, Vera convinces her brother Will that they need to rescue him.  The two embark on a dangerous journey in search of Kai-pursued by pirates, a paramilitary group, and greedy corporations.

The Water Wars illustrates the environmental consequences of wasting water through a fast-paced action-adventure story.  If Earth Day has put you in the mood for other books about environmental issues, check out The Carbon Diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd.  In The Carbon Diaries 2015, global warning has begun to ravage the environment. In response, the United Kingdom becomes the first country to mandate carbon rationing--a well-intentioned plan that goes tragically awry. This story of one girl's attempt to stay grounded in a world where disaster has become the norm is told in short diary entries.  There is even a sequel: The Carbon Diaries 2017.


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