Monday, December 3, 2012

I Swear by Lane Davis

Cover imageIn Lane Davis's new novel, I Swear, a very serious question is posed: Who is to blame when bullying leads to suicide? Leslie Gatlin just cannot take the abuse her once long ago friends are inflicting on her. For the past two years, she has suffered alone through what should be her happiest high school years. So finally one night, she ends it. Her pain is over. But what about those she left behind?

There's Macie, the queen bee who has always been the instigator. And Beth, who just wants to feel normal. And Katherine, the new girl who just wants to fit in. And finally there's Jillian, twin sister of Jake, Leslie's only true friend. We all know these girls, they are in every high school across the country. They are not bad girls, they just want to be pretty and popular. And everyone knows that to be in the right crowd, you have to do and say what is expected of you. No matter who gets hurt. Right???

Well, Leslie's parents do not think so. Nor do the authorities. Someone needs to pay for Leslie Gatlin's suicide. The pretty and popular find themselves in some real trouble, and will do just about anything to get out of it. Will there be justice done?

Find out in this sad, scary story.


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