Thursday, March 21, 2013

Burning Blue by Paul Griffin

In this psychological thriller, Nicole Castro, the pretty, wealthy, most popular girl in the school is attacked and half her face ends up burnt by acid. The narrator of this story is Jay Nazzaro, an accomplished computer hacker who has been an outcast himself ever since a seizure left him with wet pants in front of the entire school. Jay, rather than starting gossip or making fun of Nicole like everyone else, decides to use his hacking skills to figure out who it was that attacked Nicole.

At first things do not go well between him and Nicole. Obviously, he was not in her circle prior to the incident. But as time goes on and he gets to know her better he realizes that she is not the snob he once thought she was and that she even has some issues of her own. Jay is more determined than ever to help her.

As he digs deeper into finding out what happened, there are many twists and turns along the way. And many, many complications. Jay knows he must find the answers before the acid thrower strikes again. And what he discovers not only shocks him, but may put him at risk as well.

Burning Blue is both a mystery and a love story, as well as a tale of desperation and healing.


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