Monday, May 13, 2013

Winter Town by Stephen Emond

Stephen Emond’s novel Winter Town explores what it’s like when someone you think you know everything about becomes a mystery to you. Evan and Lucy have been friends since childhood. Since moving to Georgia after her parent’s divorce, Lucy has continued to visit every winter to see her dad and hang out with Evan. He looks forward to these visits but during one of them the usually upbeat Lucy shows up with a goth look and a dark and aloof personality. Evan figures that something must have happened to Lucy in the preceding year but can’t get her to tell him what.

Emond does a stellar job developing Lucy and Evan as well Winter Town’s many supporting characters. Evan starts to question his goal-oriented life and Lucy eventually opens up about what she has been through in the past year. The book also includes drawings by the author including excerpts from "Aelysthia," a comic Evan and Lucy work on in the book. 


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