Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carter Finally Gets It by by Brent Crawford

There are some people who just seem to "get it."  They know what to say and how to act in whatever situation is thrown at them.  Then there's Carter, and Carter does not "get it."  Carter is entering his freshman year of high school and he's planning for it to be a big year for him and his boys.  Reading about Carter navigating sports tryouts, high school parties, and, more importantly, high school girls can be like watching a car accident at times (a car accident that just happens to be very hilarious) - it's obvious that what ever Carter is about to do will end in disaster, but you have to find out how.

As Carter gets his first girlfriend, evades cops at parties, and gets slightly beat up (physically and mentally) you may find yourself laughing out loud (literally laughing out loud, not just an LOL when you're actually only smirking).  Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford is a funny and entertaining read about how awkward getting high school can be (especially when you tend to stutter when talking to pretty girls).


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