Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

15 year old Londoner Mila is hyper observant and has a talent for reading people and places. When her dad's best friend, Matthew, up and disappears just before they are set to visit him in the States, he and Mila decide to keep their plans to and fly out to see Matthew's wife Suzanne and their baby Gabriel to see if they can help find him.  

Mila is able to garner information from the feel of his home, the attitudes of his wife and dog, and putting together information from past events (such as the death of his teenage son). While the mystery of Where has Matthew gone? and possibly What has Matthew done? keeps the reader continually turning pages, the real meat of Picture Me Gone is about relationships between people: friends, family, and even pets. It is about life and how things can fall apart and be held together. As Matthew's past and disappearance become more complicated Mila and the reader realize a simple tied up ending isn't a genuine possibility(and luckily Rosoff doesn't disappoint).


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