Thursday, March 13, 2014

Librarian Lisa's Favorite Apps

1) Evernote
Can also be accessed via computer.  Allows for easy organization of notes, images, and web pages.

2) Google Calendar
Another that is a computer application as well. For android users my favorite part of this is the widget that shows the users schedule for several days.  That quick reminder has saved me more than once.

3) Snapseed (and then Photo Squarer to upload to Instagram)
A great app for editing your photos before posting.  Allows users to make subtle changes or over the top changes. 

4) Duolingo
Want to learn another language? Or just want to get some basics down for traveling out of the country? Give this app a try. Combines reading, writing, listening, and speaking to help users improve their language skills.

5) Goodreads
A social network to rate and recommend books.

iPhone Screenshot 16) Bartlett Public Library
Check your account, place holds, and see what's happening.

Other Suggestions:



Use your photos to create videos.

*Please note, my personal experience with these apps is on the android (not iOS) platform and while most are available for the iPhone or iPad some may not be and some may have different capabilities.

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