Friday, June 6, 2014

The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

Ezra Faulkner had almost everything going for him in high school. He was a star on the tennis team, had a hot girlfriend, and had the role of a leader in the popular group in school. Then, as his junior year came to an end he was in a hit and run car accident leaving his beloved car totaled, and him was with several severe injuries, including a leg that no longer worked properly. After spending the summer as a recluse Ezra returns to school for his senior year feeling as if everything has changed, sitting with his old group of friends in classes and during lunch feels wrong (especially now that his girlfriend is dating one of his old friends).  Luckily Ezra's childhood friend Toby comes to his rescue, sitting with him (and getting him kicked out of) the first pep rally of the year, and inviting Ezra to his lunch table. Then there's Cassidy, the new girl, with a mysterious past involving a debate championship disappearance the year before. Ezra (predictably) falls for Cassidy as she opens his eyes to new experiences, taking him on treasure hunts and to college lectures, and he starts to see the future in a different light. However, Cassidy is not just Ezra's catalyst, she has her own story and her own past that begin to come apart. While this book definitely has some stock characters (Ezra's ex girlfriend Charlotte is your standard popular mean girl) there are also many well developed characters with their own history. The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider is a good realistic fiction read that may even get some tears from readers at the end.


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