Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Everything Leads to You

Emi Price is set to embark on her last summer before college (before her best-friend Charlotte leaves her and sunny L.A. for school in Michigan); she's scored an amazing (close to almost too amazing to be realistic) internship with a production company designing rooms for actual movies and her older brother Toby is leaving her and Charlotte his apartment for the summer. Toby's only condition for the apartment is they must do something great with it while he's gone, which leaves Emi at a loss. Luckily she has enough to keep her busy between work and the mystery of Clyde Jones's (a legendary actor in old Hollywood westerns) long lost daughter and granddaughter. In the midst of locating the actor's family Emi's ex-girlfriend (the ex part has been variable over the past year) gets her a job as a production designer on an independent film. As the mystery unravels (and Emi begins to fall hard for Clyde's granddaughter, Ava) and work begins Emi has to take some risks and face some not-so pleasant realities. While Ava (and her best friend Jamal) make a good counter point to Emi's and Charlotte's mostly charmed lives, things still come a little too easy for Emi (for starters, it would have been nice to see Emi do a little more grunt work and not just get handed the job of production designer at 18, before even attending one film class). Overall though Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour was an entertaining (if predictable) summer romance.

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