Monday, July 13, 2015

Kissing in America by Margo Rabb

Following her father's death Eva has taken to reading romance novels, much to the chagrin of her women studies professor mother (although their relationship has been strained for a variety of reasons since his death). While immersing herself in fictional romances Eva has never had a boyfriend in real life (along with her best-friend Annie, who assures her they'll have plenty of time for that once they get to college). Then Eva meets Will, who starts attending after school tutoring with her and who she connects with him on a variety of topics, but mostly on the fact that they both have family tragedies in their past. When Will abruptly moves to California Eva is desperate to get across the country to see him, only problems are an over protective mother, her own fear of flying, and a general lack of money. Then she finds a reality TV show/scholarship contest that her friend Annie would be perfect for, and that plus a bus trip would solve two of her three problems, now just to convince the over protective mother. Kissing in America is a great summer read about love, friendship, and family that has depth in its characters and storyline.

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