Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Infinite in Between

Five students are randomly thrown together at freshman orientation on their first day of high school; as their group activity they decide to write letters to their future graduation selves and meet up at the end of high school to read them. Infinite in Between is what happens to each of them in between. There's Zoe, displaced daughter of an actress going through rehab, Whitney, seemingly beautiful and perfect, but dealing with family discord and friends who aren't always friends, Gregor, who's in love with Whitney (despite not really talking to her), Mia, who's smart and awkward, but desperate to get out of town after graduation, and Jake, who's coming to terms with his sexuality after an incident at the end of junior high. Mackler has created an enjoyable and quick (at least quick for a 400+ page book) read, revolving around an interesting concept, with characters who change as each year passes, but with five different stories and four years of high school to get through it isn't always easy to be fully invested in the outcomes for any of them.


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